New Patient

You can arrange ultrasound diagnoses, medical testings, consultations of  specialists personally at PARENS UKRAINE Reproduction Center at 36, Shchyretska Street, Lviv 79011, Ukraine; by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: +38 (097) 175 45 18

The front desk is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00, Saturday by appointment (advance reservation). 

The First Visit

During your first visit our doctors will conduct a thorough medical history (anamnesis) collection, provide detailed physical examination and other research including ultrasound diagnosis if necessary. You will also receive a detailed list of medical tests that you will need to complete.

If you have any previous medical test, blood test results, ultrasound images, ect. do not hesitate to bring and show them to our doctors. 

Remember that infection tests are valid only for 6 months.

Please note that you can get all the medical tests done at our clinic or at our partners.  

How to prepare for a blood test?

To pass the blood test remember the following:

  • blood-sampling is conducted only after fasting (do not eat before sampling);
  • blood test is taken until 11:00 AM;
  • before venous blood sampling it is necessary to exclude fatty food, alcohol from your diet. 

Before sampling for PRC of urogenital infections remember the following:

  • abstain from urination for 3 hours before sampling;
  • abstain from sexual activity for 3 days;
  • do not use antibiotics within 2 weeks prior to the test;
  • For women: do not use vaginal suppositories, creams (ointments) or tampons within 3 days prior to the test;
  • For women: no sampling during menstruation (only 3 days after it);
  • PRC is not provided for pregnant or virgin women and children. 

Semen Analysis

Rules to follow before semen analysis:

  • abstain from sexual activity for 2 to 7 days;
  • do not use antibiotics, antidepressants, or other drugs that can lower the quality of sperm;
  • abstain from the use of alcohol within 5 days prior to the test;
  • it is recommended to exclude fat, fried food that can lower the volume of ejaculate and sperm motility;
  • it is recommended to abstain from strong tea, coffee and smoking within 1 day before the test;
  • it is not recommended to take a hot bath 1 or 2 days prior to the analysis;
  • it is not recommended to take the test if you have had colds, acute respiratory viral infections, fever within the last 30 days;
  • it is not recommended to take the test if you have infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs);
  • it is not recommended to take the test in the presence of inflammatory processes in the urogenital organs;
  • before passing the procedure, a hygienic shower is required. 

Additional details on our partner’s website: